DRESIO’s technology delivers on the company’s vision and mission to allow for basic and universally accessible physical health and wellness services for everyone, anytime, anywhere. We are shaping the future of healthcare and wellness by transforming any camera-enabled device into a fitness assessment tool.

DRESIO’s technology has countless use cases that span fields including telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, primary care, personal and corporate wellness, preventive medicine, virtual trials, nursing homes, insurance, and many more.


Our technology is used by leading organizations that understand that the latest technologies and connected services are the roadmaps to personalized, streamlined, and universally accessible physical health services, empowering both organizations and personal users alike.

Recognition & Support

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HK Science Park
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HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 IT & Smart Tech Award Winner

IPHatch Startup Competition 2019/2020 Winner

Startup Program support