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Outreach System

Client Example :
Outreach Physiotherapist
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Key Problems to Solve
  • Physiotherapists and trainers still rely on pen & paper to record assessment results

  • Hard to conduct a complete physical assessment in an outreach situation without heavy technical equipment

  • No existing tools for long-term records of an elderly patient's physical health

Solution: Accudex Outreach System
  • It can be set up easily and operated in an offline environment

  • Facilitate geriatric rehabilitation & relevant elderly care compliances effectively

  • A downloadable report is available immediately

   Includes :

  • Laptop

  • Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Webcam

  • Webcam tripod

  • Accudex software

  • Customizable fitness/rehab program

Fully Customized
Assessments & Exercise Programs

DRESIO works closely with the physiotherapists to design dedicated assessment & exercise program

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Dedicated Report for each assessment
Detailed Biomechanical Data Analysis
Immediate Assessment Scoring
Risk Indicators and Recommendations
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