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Rehab Station

Client Example : Elderly Home
Key Problems to Solve
  • Complex measurement technologies cannot be operated by caretaker without technical knowledge

  • No long-term record of the elderly's physical health

  • Hard to conduct contactless physical assessment without several pieces of technical equipment

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Solution: ELDEX Rehab Station
  • Can be moved to any room and operated by caretakers

  • Personalized rehabilitation exercise recommendation based on assessment results

  • A detailed performance report is available to physiotherapists

  • Physiotherapists could provide insight-driven care to elderly

   Includes :

  • 60” TV

  • Webcam

  • TV Stand

  • Computer hardware & software

  • Customizable fitness/rehab program

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Fully Customized
Assessments & Exercise Programs

DRESIO work with elderly home physiotherapists to design dedicated assessment & exercise program 

20 minutes Weekly Program (12 Weeks)

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Screening and Assessment
Rehab Exercise
Ba Duan Jin
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