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AI Fitness Pose Detection

DRESIO specializes in using camera-based AI and sports science methodologies to detect fitness poses. Just using the front-facing camera on a smartphone or webcam on a laptop to detect exercises and movements.

AI Skill Level Classification

Co-developed with leading exercise science experts, DRESIO's AI models are capable of classifying the skill level of over a hundred types of body-weight exercise.

Next-generation AI Powered Fitness App

You just need your phone or laptop, no special equipment. When you are doing exercise following the fitness video on our app with the front-facing camera facing you, our app determines your skill level, counts your reps, and provides you with feedback in between each set of exercises.

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Encouragement & Accountability

One of the biggest benefits of our fitness app is not just feedback, but also encouragement and accountability. With AI detection, our app knows if you have actually completed any exercise and rewards you with loyalty points that you can redeem on perks from our healthy lifestyle partners. As a result, you get much more out of your workout and likely to set a higher goal.


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